Vocational Rehabilitation for Veterans

UMNPA Corporation, a 501c3 Public Charity, and UMNPA Treatment Behavioral Health Detox Centers offer Vocational Rehabilitation Services to help Veterans reintegrate back into the workforce.

Veterans suffering from mental and physical disabilities sometimes have an employment handicap defined as an impairment of the veteran’s ability to prepare for, obtain or retain employment consistent with his or her abilities, aptitudes, and interests.  UMNPA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors work with Veterans to coordinate a wide range of rehabilitation services which include counseling, case management, training, rehabilitation, and employment services.

Vocational Rehabilitation Councilors will work with you to:
Comprehensive Intake Evaluation
Design a Program track leading to an employment or independent living goal
Identify viable employment
Narrow vocational options to identify an employment goal
Identify resources to achieve rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation Plan includes the following Employment Paths:

Resume Building
Job Skills Training
Financial Assistance for Post-secondary training at a college, vocational, technical or business school
Apprenticeship programs
Reemployment (with a former employer)
Resume development
Interview training
Work readiness and assistance

We Empower our Vets to Re-Join the Workforce.

After my tour ended, it was time for me to begin my life again. I wasn’t sure of the next steps but UMNPA was there with the support I needed. Thanks UMNPA!

Jeff Tetsver, Army Veteran

I didn’t like the sound of “rehabilitation” – I thought it was for the weak…I soon learned there was going to be transition time and that it was okay for the folks at UMNPA to help me out.

Ray Peterson, Navy Veteran

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