Veterans and Substance Abuse

UMNPA Corporation, A 501c3 Public Charity, and UMNPA Treatment Behavioral Health Detox Centers provide clinical support for drug treatment for our veterans.

Substance Use Disorder is among the most debilitating maladies that inhibit our veterans from reestablishing their family bonds, competently reengage and integrate into society, and lead healthy, productive lives.

UMNPA 501c3 Public Charity and UMNPA Treatment Behavioral Health Detox Centers are committed to providing effective and sustainable treatment modalities for our veterans.
 More than 20% of veterans with PTSD suffer from an addiction or dependence on drugs or alcohol
Comprehensive Evaluation
Client-Centered Approach
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Holistic Intensive Therapy
Continuing Educative and Therapeutic Practices
Comprehensive Aftercare

Substance abuse in our Service men and woman is a growing problem in the U.S.  As service members return from deployment suffering from physical and mental health problems and disabilities due to their experiences while deployed, substance use becomes more prevalent.

Physical dependency on drugs is often the result of self-medication for our veterans to escape emotional distress from PTSD, TBI, and Depression.  Veterans with mental disabilities often use drugs to ease their symptoms but end up only complicating their situation.

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After my tour ended, it was time for me to begin my life again. I wasn’t sure of the next steps but UMNPA was there with the support I needed. Thanks UMNPA!

Jeff Tetsver, Army Veteran

I didn’t like the sound of “rehabilitation” – I thought it was for the weak…I soon learned there was going to be transition time and that it was okay for the folks at UMNPA to help me out.

Ray Peterson, Navy Veteran