Veteran Care Association Special Needs Trust

UMNPA Corporation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, is creating this special needs trust for the benefit of Qualifying Military Veterans of War.

Financial Help for Behavioral Health Care & Assistance
The Veteran Care Association Trust was developed to to enhance Veterans quality of life while at the same time preserving Veterans eligibility for government support and medical assistance programs, including SSI, Medicaid/ or other similar programs. 

The goal is that each Veteran be empowered to live as independently as possible, with the highest quality of life and the finest, most compassionate care.

Veteran Care Association Trust intends to provide Veterans with goods and services to meet each Veterans individual special needs, which are needs that are not provided for by any government programs, including but not limited to housing subsidies, food, clothing, health insurance, life insurance premiums, Behavioral Health Services, technical degree programs and higher education, and other basic human value necessities. licensed and certified professionals, including counselors, psychiatrists and social workers, and more than 3,500 treatment facilities providing Detox, inpatient, and outpatient programs.

UMNPA HEALTH INSURANCE ASSISTANCE is a program supported through UMNPA 501c3 non-profit to help veterans with behavioral health issues.  UMNPA does not guarantee coverage and is not a health insurance company.  You or a loved one can apply with UMNPA to see if you are eligible for HEALTH INSURANCE ASSISTANCE UMNPA reserves the right to refuse HEALTH INSURANCE ASSISTANCE to anyone.

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