Veteran Suicide Prevention

UMNPA believes that suicide is a tragic problem we cannot overlook.  Our suicide prevention initiative is dedicated to raising awareness to make this problem all our responsibility.


  • 22 Veterans a day commit suicide, that is 21% higher rate of suicide among veterans than U.S. civilian adults.


UMNPA continues to support suicide prevention through our veterans’ rehabilitation homes, by providing counseling and dual diagnosis mental health support.

Together we can break the silence, talk about it, and save a life.



If You are Your Loved One need help with Suicide Prevention,

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After my tour ended, it was time for me to begin my life again. I wasn’t sure of the next steps but UMNPA was there with the support I needed. Thanks UMNPA!

Jeff Tetsver, Army Veteran

I didn’t like the sound of “rehabilitation” – I thought it was for the weak…I soon learned there was going to be transition time and that it was okay for the folks at UMNPA to help me out.

Ray Peterson, Navy Veteran

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