UMNPA Rehabilitation Homes provide Vocational, Counseling, and dual diagnosis phycological rehabilitation services along with a safe place for Veterans to regain control of their lives and receive the much-needed help they deserve.  UMNPA Rehabilitation homes not only provide the Highest level of outpatient rehabilitation available to veterans, we provide a warm welcoming environment where they can focus on their needs while rebuilding their lives and being re-acclimated into society.

UMNPA focuses on the following areas of Rehabilitation for our Veterans:

    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    • Functional Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI)

    • Mental Health disorders

    • Suicide Prevention

    • Veteran Substance Abuse

    • Vocational Rehabilitation

    • Clinical Dual-Diagnosis

    • Transitional Living (Extended /Temporary)

    • Intensive Continuum of Care

    • Comprehensive Exit Plan

WE do the work— You Make The Difference!

After my tour ended, it was time for me to begin my life again. I wasn’t sure of the next steps but UMNPA was there with the support I needed. Thanks UMNPA!

Jeff Tetsver, Army Veteran

I didn’t like the sound of “rehabilitation” – I thought it was for the weak…I soon learned there was going to be transition time and that it was okay for the folks at UMNPA to help me out.

Ray Peterson, Navy Veteran

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