Welcome Home Assistance Program

Since July of 2004, the programs we support have provided assistance to over 160,000 members of the military community. We launched Welcome Home Assistance, our veteran support program, expanding our services and providing much needed assistance to our veterans and their families.


According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans:
– Young male veterans (those ages 18-24) who served post 9/11 have an unemployment rate of 29.1% compared to 17.6% for non-veterans
– The 1.4 million veterans in poverty have the highest chance of experiencing homelessness of any group


UMNPA Welcome Home Assistance program helps a veteran or a veteran and their family defray the cost of establishing a new home when they might otherwise be homeless. This includes veterans discharging from service as well as previously discharged veterans suffering from financial hardship or facing homelessness. UMNPA provides any household items they may need as well as initial financial support. UMNPA then provides vital resources such as employment services, rehabilitation, and assistance obtaining VA benefits to sustain their household.