What is the UMNPA?


Formed in California July 1, 2009, United Mission for Nonprofits of America is an organization dedicated to providing assistance to Active and Veteran Members of our Armed Forces who serve and sacrifice for our country.

What does UMNPA do?


UMNPA and its partners provide support through 3 programs

Active Duty Commitment


Through our Active Duty Commitment “Wish-list” program, we work with military units, from squads to companies to battalions, and provide “wish list” items specifically requested by the troops in the field. These “wish list” items are intended to help ease the burden of deployment and are presented to the troops as symbols of our appreciation, support and encouragement.  We establish a point of contact within each deployed battalion to whom all items are shipped. This person is instructed to distribute the items equitably among the soldiers.

In addition to sending these items, UMNPA also sends letters to each unit, expressing gratitude for their daily service and sacrifice. A committee of UMNPA volunteers continues to correspond with any soldier who wishes to keep in touch


Welcome Home Assistance


Our “Welcome Home” program fills a gap in support our veteran community receives today, by helping to prevent homelessness and provide a “hand-up” for our veterans experiencing poverty today. Working with the VA Healthcare for Homeless Veterans program and the Veterans Leadership Program, “Welcome Home” provides support for veterans in need by helping to defray the costs associated with establishing a new home.


Our culture has a tradition of providing “house warming” gifts to friends and families moving into a new home. UMNPA extends this tradition, by providing gifts that help veterans and their families establish residence. We all know that moving into a new home can be stressful and costly. In the case of our homeless veterans, they enter new homes with only the clothes on their backs. A critical component of their full recovery and transition into civilian life is that they be healthy, rested and comfortable. To that end, UMNPA provides these families with a good bed and mattress, and essential household items to give them the best possible environment in which to live.


Rehabilitation for Veterans


Our Rehabilitation program support veterans in treatment centers across the country.  UMNPA recognizes Not all traumas are visible, but they do still have the same life changing factors associated with losing a limb. These injuries, along with major depression, are conditions which are not only invisible to the public eye, but also to the people surrounding the soldiers. This includes the friends and families, community members, and sometimes even the soldier themselves, who may suffer without even knowing what’s happening to them or why. Together we can fight to help these Veterans and provide the care that is needed for their recovery


Why doesn’t the government provide these items?


UMNPA provides items that are intended to supplement government and military issued supplies. Many of our troops live on remote outposts with limited access to supplies due to combat activity and location. We have identified gaps in services that our returning veterans receive, and in both cases, UMNPA strives to provide the items these brave men and women need most.


Is this a political organization?


UMNPA is not affiliated with any political party and believes patriotism and support of our troops should extend beyond political lines and personal feelings of military involvement. UMNPA is a non-partisan organization focused on the INDIVIDUAL and is not focused on or involved with politics or foreign policy.


Who does the UMNPA help?


Our Active Duty commitment program provides items to thousands of troops fighting terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Horn of Africa, and throughout the Middle East. We work with Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines serving as Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard.


Our Welcome Home Assistance program provides support to veterans who have served in all conflicts, from Vietnam to the current war against terror.


A list of troops who have benefited from UMNPA can be found at Our Projects page.

Can you give me the address of a soldier to write to?


To protect the privacy and safety of our deployed troops, United Mission for Nonprofits of America does not release troop names or addresses. If you’d like to write to an Active Duty Soldier or a Veteran through our organization, you may send your unsealed cards and letters to us for inclusion in Care packages or Welcome Home Assistance Packages we provide. We will inspect this mail prior to sending to our troops to ensure the message is appropriate.


If you’d like to improve the chances of soldiers writing back to you, consider including writing paper in a self-addressed envelope, or a self-addressed postcard.


You may send cards and letters to:
United Mission for Nonprofits of America
1933 South Broadway Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90007


Can I donate care package items (hygiene, snacks, etc.) and have you send them over for me?


Needs for and access to these basic supplies vary by location of the deployed troops. While we do not accept packages intended for specific soldiers, nor incur the shipping charges for private packages, we do accept donations of the items UMNPA and its partners send to the soldiers who have asked for our help. UMNPA and its partners provide items that are specifically requested by the troops, and we work with local churches, schools, civic groups and individuals who wish to conduct collection drives for needed items. If you are interested in conducting a collection drive, please contact us at info@umnpa.org We also accept donations of new or gently used DVDs, CDs, PlayStation and Xbox systems and video games, as well as unused AT&T phone cards.


You may send these items to:
United Mission for Non Profits of America
1933 South Broadway Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90007


Do you provide care packages for individual soldiers?


UMNPA and its partners specialize in helping entire units of deployed Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard. We are currently unable to fulfill requests for individual troop members.

How can I sign up my deployed unit to receive “Wish List” items from our partners?


Deployed troop members can Click here to submit a “wish list” request form.


How can I volunteer?


If you are interested in becoming an UMNPA volunteer, please contact us at


How can I help?


We are a grassroots organization that relies on word of mouth to publicize our cause. Please tell your friends, family, and colleagues about our organization and our need for funds. Make a donation and support the United Mission for Non Profits of America if you can!  We are in need of individual donors, and corporate and small business sponsors to help make our organization a success. Won’t you help us help our past and present members of our Armed Forces?


You may donate by sending your check made payable to:
United Mission for Nonprofits of America
1933 South Broadway Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA  90007

Contact UMNPA:

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UMNPA Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-808-5321

Email: info@umnpa.org


620 Newport Center Dr. Ste 1100,

Newport Beach, CA 92660