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UMNPA 501c3 Public Charity, a veteran organization, and UMNPA Treatment Behavioral Health & Detox Centers humbly appeals to your generosity and asks that you consider our organization worthy of your sponsorship and/or a donation.


UMNPA is a non-profit organization serving the Veteran community. The organization’s mission is to fill the gaps in services our Veterans receive from conventional programs. Our programs include Veteran Rehabilitation, The Care Association Trust, and Welcome Home Assistance Program. These programs rehabilitate our veterans and help them reorganize their lives to reacclimatize back into society.
UMNPA and partners have helped 1000’s of military members and their families and we need your help to do more. UMNPA projects that we will help over 1000 Veterans through these programs this year alone.


Care Association Trust: To provide veterans with premium insurance to be able to receive adequate care and rehabilitation to reacclimatize back into society.

UMNPA Treatment Behavioral Health Detox Centers: To open our facility’s and help homeless veterans and veterans in need with treatment for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression, and many other co-occurring mental health disorders.

Welcome Home Assistance: Defrays the cost of a Veteran and their family establishing a new home. Often when coming out of a rehabilitation or homeless situation.

There are no paid positions within this organization. It is our vision to end Veteran Homelessness right here in Southern California.

Each day we strive to help the people that fought for our freedoms and safety. Your sponsorship will be used right here in your own community to make it a better place for all of us to live.

By contributing, your business would receive local recognition through our current donor base of over 10,000 members’ as well as your logo on our web site recognizing your business for the community support that you have given. Your business will be recognized as one in the community that cares for our Veterans and gives back to the people that gave so much for us.


We hope we can count on you to support our veterans. Please contact Travis Riley at or (866) 290-5673, to accept your donation and arrange for advertising.